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Ag Weather Report

Visit the Ag Weather web site for weather-related products for agriculture and natural resources management. The products on the site are designed to aid agriculturists in their decision-making process. Data from the Oklahoma Mesonet is employed to create county-specific information. In addition, scientists from Oklahoma State University have "tuned" the models for conditions specific to Oklahoma agriculture. Select from current/recent weather maps, agricultural and natural resource models, weather forecasts, and related links. To visit the site, click here.

AFBF Commodity Advisory Committees

Oklahoma Farm Bureau has nominated several leaders and alternates to serve on American Farm Bureau Federation's Advisory Committees representing various commodities. These committee members, along with other Farm Bureau members nationwide, provide key recommendations regarding issues affecting their specific commodities. Click here for the contact list.

AFBF Market Updates

To read the latest American Farm Bureau Federation market updates, visit AFBF's economoic analysis updates.

Commodity Links

For links to various commodity websites, check out our commodities links page..