Ag-First Weekly Radio Spots
The Beef Report with Heather Buckmaster
Consumers are in the driver’s seat...
Last radio show
This is the last Ag First radio program as Sam Knipp takes early retirement...
Once opposed, Lynas now supports GMOs
British author Mark Lynas explains why he now supports GMOs...
Are we placing too much emphasis on animal genetics?
Dr. Temple Grandin explains why she wants more emphasis on animal welfare...
Youth learn life skills at livestock judging contest
Close to 1,000 Oklahoma youth participated in this year's livestock judging contest at the state fair...
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Focus on Agriculture
Focus on Agriculture
This is the last Focus on Ag commentary as Sam Knipp takes early retirement...
Focus on Agriculture
Farmers praying for a rain...
Focus on agriculture
BLM joins EPA on taxpayers' list of concern...
Focus on Agriculture
This week's commentary is on the continued fear of the EPA's WOTUS rules
Focus on Agriculture
EPA is the most hated federal agency...
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